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» Wired LAN & cabling

» Wireless LAN

» Internet access

» Mobile data

Network Design, Management and Maintenance Services

Air-Talk Limited is an established and experienced managed service provider in the field of SME information technology and network management system. For more 4 years, we have been supporting our customers with technology solutions to meet their individual requirements. Our proposition is simple. After careful consultation and really listening to our customer’s needs, we provide the following services:-

Network Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting network problems.

  • Hardware and software installation/configuration.

  • Monitoring and improving network performance.

  • Planning for future network growth.

  • Creating network documentation and keeping it up-to-date.

  • Ensuring compliance with company policies.

  • Ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

  • Securing the network against all kind of threats.

  • Wired LAN cabling: structure cabling design and installation, Cat5/6 standards for data, voice and video

  • Wireless LAN: planning and deployment of autonomous or controller-based wireless LAN networks

  • Mobile Data: provision of 3G/4G access for users or as redundant internet services for office premises

  • Remote Access & VPN: secure user from remote locations to company infrastructure

  • Servers:  on-premise or cloud-hosted, physical or virtual with maximum redundancy to meet your budget

  • Storage: direct-attach or Storage-Area-Networks that are scalable and constantly available

  • Backup & DR: comprehensive managed backup that is reliable and tested

  • Security: emphasis on security across your core infrastructure

User Access 
  • Computer systems: supply and support of user desktop and laptop personal computers

  • Tablet & Smartphone: provision of mobile productivity devices

  • Peripherals: management and maintenance of external computer peripheral devices such as Printers & Scanners

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